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 What is the purpose of this website?
 Why hire GigaNexus?

Historically, GigaNexus has been hired to provide an independent viewpoint to a successful company that wishes to increase their effectiveness in a sustainable manner. Typically this increase is accomplished by understanding the nexus points within a company's critical path in either information flow or operations, and increasing team's effectiveness in successfully optimizing those junction points.

GigaNexus has also been retained in order to help a company or organization:

  • adapt to a changing market, usually involving development of a new strategic vision

  • utilize / understand new technology and how it may affect their internal processes or external market competitiveness

  • undergo an expansion in either personnel and/or facilities

  • regain/retain market share due to internal conflicts or personnel changes

  • evaluate:  pedagogical soundness, curriculum design, educator/teacher/trainer development & evaluation systems, educator/teacher/trainer performance, and overall training program effectiveness

In addition, GigaNexus understands in order to ensure your competitive advantage, it is necessary to maintain the strictest level of confidentiality throughout this process and will not disclose any aspect of our relationship without an express written directive by an authorized company executive.

 What is GigaNexus?

GigaNexus is a business process and management consulting company, with an equal emphasis on:

  • clarifying, communicating, and developing buy-in of a company's strategic vision throughout the internal corporate culture

  • leveraging existing personnel by reducing the friction caused by imperfect alignment of strategic vision / tactical goals among the different departments

  • facilitating better communication techniques in all three critical areas: internal management / employee / and inter-departmental relations, business to business relationships, and end-user (customer) loyalty

  • integrating technology from a business-first perspective, by educating both the IT division and the operational / support division(s) on how better teamwork will increase their profitability, effectiveness, and job satisfaction

  • instilling the importance of training & education throughout the organization, not only with respect to its internal staff members; but with regards to it's extended eco-system of suppliers, vendors, dealers, and other associated 3rd parties

 Where did GigaNexus originate?