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Thank you for visiting GigaNexus' transitional website, I appreciate your interest in discovering what GigaNexus is up to currently, and where it will be going in the future... However in any endeavor to understand the present or future, it is often useful to understand the past...


The Past – Throughout my life I have always striven to balance the needs of the community & society with my own personal & professional needs. As a result, throughout my career I have sometimes taken positions or contracts that have not always advanced myself personally, but have instead benefited others from around the globe. I have finished just such a period in my career where I have been a technical trainer. Thereby, in my own way, I have helped others advance their careers by benefiting from an instructor whose caliber they would not normally have had the opportunity to interact. And to my students, I would like to say thank you for allowing me to have had the opportunity to teach and share with you some of my knowledge and experiences. It is my sincere hope that I have in some small way been able to make your professional career more successful.


The Present – As I have done in the past, when returning from a contract as a teacher, I have re-evaluated the corporate landscape to determine where best I may lend my talents to aiding other companies succeed in accomplishing their goals, as well as advancing my own leadership and technical abilities. During this evaluation, I have determined that many companies would benefit from the services GigaNexus has traditionally provided, especially in today's rapidly changing world. Therefore I have decided I will grow GigaNexus in order to accommodate the increased demand. I will reboot the GigaNexus operation and go from what has been primarily a word of mouth / referral based operation centered about myself, with subject matter experts as ancillary support; to an organization with both the staff and resources to handle larger clients using in-house resources, rather than augmenting on demand. With regards to this reboot, I have determined that the first step is to obtain a client who will allow me to complete an audited blind-case-study of the consulting services GigaNexus will provide to the client, as well as an analysis of the effects of the consulting on the client company in both the short and long term. I am currently exploring currently available options, but will soon open the ability to take inquiries from clients regarding participating in the audited blind-case-study.


The Future


Is an exciting time, for technology is becoming increasingly commoditized to the extent that project managers in larger companies will use Moore's Law to calculate when to start development on a project that requires technical resources ahead of where they are currently available in the marketplace. This shifts the importance back onto the employees' ability to capitalize on existing technology, rather than be forced to develop proprietary techniques unique to an industry. This is the heart of what GigaNexus does best, essentially enabling a company to identify and focus upon the nexus points so that they may better direct their personnel to better accomplish their tasks through efficient use of technology.


With respect to size, my goal will be to develop GigaNexus into a company that will be able to adequately handle three concurrent Fortune 1000 companies through the consultation lifecycle, while at the same time not sacrificing customer satisfaction or environmental sustainability. Depending on the size of the case study, I may begin to hire additional personnel either from currently affiliated SMEs or open-market individuals.


One of the goals that is worth mentioning, and a core reason, to undertake growing GigaNexus beyond what has been a very lucrative, but relatively small, operation is to have an increased opportunity to return to the community. I plan to initiate programs that allow GigaNexus employees the ability to use a percentage of their work-week to either lecture at universities or volunteer in community projects. I hope this will increase my overall ability to continue to contribute to society.


Thank you,



George Bajuscik


Owner of GigaNexus


Addendum – I have received a number of e-mails regarding the future HQ of the company, and as to whether or not I will be based primarily out of Nevada (where the GigaNexus corporate charter is) or whether or not I will be relocating permanently to the New York / east coast region. I would like to state that at this juncture, it is too early to determine. I have a number of opportunities I am currently evaluating on the East Coast surrounding the development of an audited blind-case-study and upon either completion of the study, or an opportunity to do the study in the Nevada / west coast region, I will then determine the best option available.